The new SP8-DLS Lightsheet Microscope

The SP8-DLS can from 18 july 2017 onward be booked as a lightsheet microscope and/or a standard confocal microscope.

For confocal use, read this

For the DLS (lightsheet) user we give a special intro, and we help preparing samples etc.

Please contact Daisy Picavet or Ron Hoebe for a Lightsheet Intro.

The SP8-DLS is both a standard Confocal Microscope and a Lightsheet Microscope.

You can use the SP8-DLS as a standard Confocal but Lightsheet users have priority. Priority means, they can book for longer than 3 hours, and we can ask standard confocal users to shift their appointment to another time/date or Microscope.

Click here for detailed information and differences of the confocal microscopes in the Cellular Imaging Core Facility.