Confocal Stellaris 5

The STELLARIS 5 confocal microscope from Leica Microsystems integrates a multitude of advanced features:

  • Objectives: HC PL Fluotar 5x/0.15 and HC PL APO CS2: 10x/0.40 dry, 20x/0.75 dry, 40x/1.3 oil, 63x/1.4 oil
  • Power HyD Detectors: The Power HyD S detectors offer analog and photon counting capabilities for confocal imaging. ref
  • White Light Laser (WLL): This system allows for the use of up to 8 independent laser lines for simultaneous scanning. Users can precisely tune these excitation lines within a modified range of 485 nm – 685 nm to match the spectral characteristics of the dyes in their samples, ensuring optimal excitation of each fluorophore. Next to the WLL, the system has a solid state 405 and 488 laser. ref
  • 8Khz Resonant Scanner: The STELLARIS platform can uses an 8 kHz resonant scanner to maintain high-speed image acquisition, allowing detailed observation of dynamic processes at the nanoscale.
  • TauSense Technology: This suite of imaging tools is based on fluorescence lifetime and enhances confocal experiments by providing functional information, improving image quality, and enabling the separation of fluorescent signals with similar spectra. ref
  • LIGHTNING Detection Concept: Offers adaptive image reconstruction in real-time and 5D, resolving nanoscale structures down to 120 nm and supporting simultaneous multicolor super-resolution imaging. It fully integrates into the online image acquisition process for optimal information extraction. ref

Help and tutorials:

Stellaris 5 (and 8) help This the complete helpfile of the Stellaris LAS-X (only available from AMC or CDW)
Leica YouTube tutorials
Leica Training tutorials (beta) (password protected, ask us for the password)