Live-Cell Microscopy

IncuCyte S3

The IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System is a real-time quantitative live-cell imaging and analysis platform that enables visualization and quantification of cell behavior over time by automatically gathering and analyzing images around the clock within a standard laboratory incubator. This allows researchers to make time-lapsed, kinetic measurements from living cells over days and weeks thus providing insight into active biological processes in real time.

Real-time live-cell analysis — Set up & walk away, automatically acquire images for hours, days, or weeks
Preserve cells — Non-perturbing reagent formulations, minimal sample input requirements
Superior data — Automatically acquire presentation- and publication-ready images and movies
Flexibility — Supports multiple users, vessels and applications simultaneously

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ImageXpress Pico (with Incubator)

Digital microscopy with with Incubator, automated brightfield, fluorescence, and Digital Confocal imaging

The ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System is more than a digital microscope, combining high-resolution imaging with powerful analysis. Whether running fluorescence imaging or brightfield assays, the automated imager features a comprehensive portfolio of preconfigured protocols for cell-based assays to shorten the learning curve, so you can start running experiments quickly. With features such as Digital Confocal* 2D on-the-fly deconvolution, Live Preview, and multi-wavelength cell scoring, the ImageXpress Pico offers you the ability to advance your discoveries in a small imager.

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Leica DMi8

The basis of this system is a Leica DMi8 inverted fluorescence, DIC and phase contrast microscope. The microscope is enclosed in a cabinet and kept at 37 C. Cells can be kept alive for 3-10 days. A highly light sensitive CCD camera is used to obtain fluorescence, DIC and phase contrast images in time. It is possible to obtain stacks of fluorescence images. Images can be acquired at a rate of about 20 per second.
A motorized microscope table allows monitoring several areas of a culture flask in one experiment.

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Data analysis

Data can be visualized and processed on dedicated workstations.

  • Timelapse Analyse
  • Leica LAS-X
    • 2D and 3D Visualisation and animations
    • 2D and 3D Measurements and analyzing
  • Matlab (on the LCAM-Remote server)
    • Image processing and quantification
  • Huygens (on the LCAM-Remote server)
    • Image deconvolution to increase resolution and contrast
    • Image processing
    • Visualization