Cellular Imaging staff

Eric Reits, M3.107, 66259,
Head Core Facility Cellular Imaging

Nicole van der Wel, M3.133, 64757,
Electron Microscopy

Henk van Veen, M3.106-1, 64703,
Electron Microscopy

Daisy Picavet, L3.124, 64960,
Confocal and Electron Microscopy

Ron Hoebe, M3.106-1, 64743,
Confocal, Super-Resolution, and Wide-Field Microscopy

Jan Stap, M3.106-1, 64771,
Wide-Field and Live-Cell, Time-Lapse Microscopy

Berend Hooibrink, L3.115, 66804,
Flow Cytometry (64676)

Toni van Capel, L3.124, 64960,
Flow Cytometry (64676)

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