Access to Data and Image Files

Connecting to AMC Network storage on the core facility Cellular Imaging acquisition PC’s

Login with your AMC-Account. Or AMSTERDAMUMC-Account (p-account).
Put AMC\ or AMSTERDAMUMC\ in front of your account name!

This program will give access to AMC Network Folders L: and G:

Access to LCAM-Folders on L:\basic\divg

The LCAM Folders will still be available, but we advise you to use your own AMC Network Folders for Data Storage from now on!

The data produced by the LCAM microscopes, flow cytometers and other facilities can be stored in the basic storage folder of the AMC. This basic storage is located at drive L:\basic\divg in specific LCAM subfolders.


Access to the data folders is managed by the specific operators.

LCAM-ConfocalMicroscopy  (Daisy, Ron, Przemek)
LCAM-ElectronMicroscopy  (Daisy, Ron)
LCAM-FluorescenceMicroscopy  (Daisy, Ron)
LCAM-OpticalNanoscopy  (Daisy, Ron)
LCAM-TimeLapseMicroscopy  (Przemek, Ron)
LCAM-FlowCytometry  (Berend, Tony, Ron)
LCAM-OtherFacilities  (Daisy, Przemek, Ron)

To get access, send your AMC-Account-Name and the LCAM-Folder(s) to:
Ron Hoebe, Daisy Picavet, Przemek Krawczyk or Kim Brandwijk

On a AMC-PC with an AMC-Account as login you will find the LCAM-Folders under L:\basic\divg. Access to the folders on LCAM acquisition PC’s is done by using a special log-in program (see below).

A few remarks:

  • Only LCAM Operators can give and revoke access to a specific folder
  • Only AMC-Accounts can have access.
  • Orphaned Subfolders will be archived by the operators every year.

The LCAM pays for the storage (€ 0,40 per GByte per Year). This means we archive old data and stimulate you the users to move data to your own safe storage place or use your own folders on the AMC Network Storag. All AMC departments can ask the ICT for folders on the L:\basic or G:\group storage. You do not have to use the LCAM-Folder we provide, use it only as temporary place.

Last but not least, we (LCAM) are not responsible for the data, the user is. We “only” provide “temporary” storage space.