Cryostat CryoStar NX70

The Thermo Cryostar NX70 Cryostat is an advanced cryostat system, with digital control, ergonomic design, and built-in cleaning protocols. This Cryostat features rapid response temperature control designed to maintain temperatures throughout a high-volume session. Temperatures are programmable between -50° to +10°C and features a temperature-controlled knife held at -35° to -5°C. The advanced control system of this cryostat is a full-color touch screen and joystick navigation. From this control panel, users can set their desired temperature settings, section thicknesses, and program their favorites, three presets for settings that are used most frequently.  The sectioning thickness range is 0.5-500 µm with a fine range from 0.5 to 100 µm in graduated steps.

The Thermo Cryostar NX70 Cryostat has an ergonomic design including a form-fitting front that accommodates the torso for comfortable use. This model also has a 12” adjustable height so each user is supported, and back and neck strain are reduced allowing for either standing or sitting operation. The motorized cutting action also reduces tension and the chance of user fatigue and RSI. The workspace of this Thermo cryostat has a large opening, with bright LED lighting, and dedicated low and high profile blade holders with a separate knife carrier to improve stability.

The Thermo Cryostar NX70 Cryostat also features Cold disinfection The Cold Disinfection setting can be used on-demand or programmed, usually taking about 50 minutes to complete. During the disinfection process, the cryo-chamber is sprayed with Sanosil to thoroughly sanitize the area.