EM Courses

Courses given at the EMCA:

Januari Bachelor Course: AMC-keuzevak  “Moleculaire beeldvorming en nanogeneeskunde”

Introduction negative stainings lecture (NW)

Practical preparation grids


April and October OOA PhD course In the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

Introduction EM-lecture (NW)

1 day practical preparation grids NKI (NW met HJ)

2 days TEM operation and SEM demo at AMC (NW, MW, HvV WT)


June AUC Amsterdam University College Master Labcourse with ACTA

8 days  EM (HvV NW)

8 days Confocal (DP)

presentations (DP, NW)


June Advance Micrscopy Master course LCAM

lecture 3: EM tomografie (NW)

4 x practicum (1.5-2 uur) EM tomografie (NW,HV)


October Biomed Sciences Advanced Microscopy  Bachelor

Lecture: TEM,CLEM & FACS (NW/BH), AMC M3-108

demo 10-12 (HvV NW)


November   Clin Cell Biology Master course

2x lecture (NW) intro EM, intro TB and vaccines

1 day practical labellings (NW WT)

1 day workshops SEM TEM AMC (NW, MW, HvV WT)

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