EM Courses

Courses given at the EMCA:

PhD  Course – Basic Electron Microscopy A(msterdam)  to W(ageningen)
Introduction into all aspects of Electron Microscopy from A to W

Epon embedding, (cryo-)sectioning, CLEM, Cryo-EM, SEM, negative staining, lectures of specialists
Practical: preparation of grids, sectioning, TEM and SEM hands-on


OOA PhD course – In the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
Introduction EM-lecture
1 Day practical: preparation of grids NKI
2 Days TEM operation and SEM demo at AMC


AUC Amsterdam University College Master Lab Course With ACTA
8 Days  EM
8 Days Confocal


Clinical Cell Biology Master course
2x Lecture  intro EM, intro TB and vaccines
1 Day practical: labeling
1 Day workshops: SEM and TEM at the AMC