Introduction Leica Mica for Thunder and Confocal users

Hi all Thunder and Confocal users.

Introducing Mica   (info + video tutorials)

As you probably already have heard or seen, we are installing two new Leica Stellaris Confocals and a Leica Mica Confocal/Widefield(thunder) microscope at the core facility Cellular Imaging.

The Mica is now up and running and can be booked by the current Thunder and Confocal users, however not before you follow one of the two online mandatory introductions. This intro is not for new users. Only for current Thunder and/or Confocal users.
(The Stellaris Confocal microscopes intro will follow later).

After the introductions you can book the microscopes. We can always assist you if you need help setting up an experiment.

Thursday 16th of November: 9:30-11:00:

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 387 519 387 20
Passcode: ejK5r6

Tuesday 28th of November: 9:30-11:00:

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Meeting ID: 324 429 264 124
Passcode: fdjEEc

The Mica is a mix of a Thunder Widefield and Stellaris Confocal. The benefits are in short:

  • Fast simultaneous acquisition using spectral unmixing with 4 camer’sa and 4 confocal HyD detectors.
  • On the fly deconvolution and/or computational clearing (Thunder & Lightning)
  • Easy to use, automatic sample finding and focusing.
  • Holders for, 1 slide, 4 slides, Multiwell plates.
  • Incubator with temperature, CO2 and O2 control.

In short it is both a Leica Thunder Widefield + Leica Stellaris Confocal in one machine. It is limited to 4 colors + transmitted light. So it misses some features of the standalone Thunder and Stellaris but is very useful for a lot of applications.

  • Fast whole slide scanning (up to 4 slides) in fluorescence and transmitted light
  • Combination of Widefield overviews with Confocal detailed images.

Best, Ron, Daisy and Przemek