User-fees core facility Cellular Imaging

On July 1st 2018 the core facility Cellular Imaging will introduce user fees to cover a part of the costs of maintaining and updating the facility. Until now all costs of the facility (purchase, maintenance, replacement of lasers, salaries of operators etc) were paid by the Division G, an exception when compared to other core facilities within the AMC and the alliance. Also the recent visitation committee recommended the introduction of user fees, which will be higher for external users. The fees will be used for the facility.

The user committees of the 3 facility units (flow cytometry, advanced light microscopy and electron microscopy) have been involved in the process, and will continue to be involved in monitoring the developments. Practically: current and new users will receive a registration form that also includes a ‘kostenplaats’ or WBS number, and users will receive a bill every 3 months.

Esther Lutgens
Divisie G

Eric Reits
Head core facility Cellular Imaging

User-Fees for internal users (AMC/VU)
(For external users, please contact Eric Reits)

Click here for the User Fees Authorization Form

Advanced  Light Microscopy
– Upright/inverted widefield microscopes: €8/hr
– Super-Resolution microscope: €8/hr
– Confocal/Lightsheet microscopes: €10/hr
– Live cell microscope: €10/hr (max €60/experiment)

Flow Cytometry
– Analyser: €10/hr
– Sorter: €12/hr
– Imagestream: €10/hr

Electron Microscopy
1) Perform it yourself
– Transmissie EM: €20/hr
– Scanning EM: €10/hr
2) Project+operator
– Epon preparations: €253 (max 8 preparations)
– Negative stain preparations: €126 (max 8 preparations)
– SEM preparations: €80 (max 8 preparations)
– Immune EM preparations: €253 (max 4 preparations)