Super-Resolution Microscopy

Super-resolution down to 20 nm
Based on GSDIM technology, the new Leica SR GSD surpasses the resolution limits previously set by other systems.

532 nm and 647 nm excitation are available.

The Leica SR GSD introduces brand new technology in drift compensation, which puts the maximum system drift below the resolution during acquisition. This makes it possible to observe the super-resolution image as it is being acquired.
The Leica SR GSD offers online image projection of the super-resolution image. During acquisition, the user sees the image building up online. This feature puts you in full control of your experiment – you can decide to stop or continue the image acquisition to achieve a satisfying result.

Full application flexibility is offered by combining super-resolution with TIRF and an epifluorescence imaging system.

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Image above: MDCK cells, Microtubules, Alexa FLUOR 642 (red) and TyrMicrotubules, Alexa FLUOR 488 (green). Courtesy: Prof. Ralf Jacob. Philipps University Marburg, Germany