Starting the Leica SR-GSD Microscope

  • Switch everything off (probably only the Microscope Control Box)
  • Switch on the Laser box
    1. Main Power
    2. Power on the 532 and 647
    3. Wait until the LEDS blink once, then stay green (40 seconds)
    4. Turn the 3 keys
    5. Wait 20 seconds
  • Switch on the Piezo controller
  • Switch on the Microscope Control Box
  • Switch on the Computer
  • Login as Administrator (password: admin)
  • Start the software
  • Goto: Configuration, Lasers. Switch on both Lasers
  • Start the GSDIM Wizard


At the end of the experiment, close the LAS software.
Shutdown the computer and switch everything off but the Microscope Control Box.


If the system does not allow you to select TIRF mode, please contact Ron Hoebe