LAS-X Stage Applications (temporarily only on the Widefield DM6 and Confocal SP8-DLS)

There is a beta version of the LAS-X stage-applications available for the Widefield DM6 and Confocal SP8-DLS.

The LAS-X Stage Applications are for Advanced Tile Scanning and/or Mark & Find.
The main application is Tile Scanning with these advantages:

  • Non Rectangle Tile Scanning
  • Focus map (Manual or Automatic with interpolation)
  • Multiple Tile Scans
  • Spiral Scanning

The interface is completely new. We can show you how to use it.

Some tips for speeding up the tile scans on the SP8-SMD (still with the old tilescan) (with resonant scanner)

  • Enable the resonant scanner at LAS-X startup (8KHz scanner) and set the Zoom to 1.25 (is max FOV)
  • Enable Bidirectional scanning (use the Phase slider to align if necessary)
  • Use the 2 HyD detectors if you have one or two labels
  • Use line-sequential (or scan labels at the same time, if possible)
  • Limit the line averaging (2x is for example 10% slower overall)
  • Use a non-rectangular Tile-Scan (use the polygon tool to draw a region)

In short how to operate (please contact us for a demo):

  1. Set up the Scanner  and Beampath etc. in the standard (non-tilescan) mode
  2. Start the Stage-Application (the button called is Overview). The new interface should now open.
  3. Optionally, choose a carrier (button on the left, low), for example “frosted slide”
  4. Click on Live view or double click, to make preview images
  5. You can zoom in and out with the mousewheel. Move by dragging with the right mouse button. Or use the buttons on the top for zooming.
  6. Look around by double clicking (or clicking in live mode) or do a spiral scan.
  7. Draw the region to scan. (Polygon etc..)
  8. Optionally mark focus points, and open the Focus-Map list. Set the Z-positions for every point.
  9. Click on Start, to start the Tile-Scan(s)