How to keep the objectives clean when working with oil-immersion

And prevent damage to the objectives!

Use type F (brown bottle) or type N (white squeeze bottle) on the standard SP8-X and only type N on the SP8-X SMD

  1. Be sure the objective is clean (remove oil gently with first a dry tissue and second a tissue with some alcohol)
  2. Put a small drop of oil on the coverglass of your sample and place your sample up-side down on the stage.
  3. When changing a sample repeat 1 and 2. So do not put a new sample with new oil on an objective that still has still oil on it.
  4. Clean the objective (see 1.) when you are finished. Not only clean the top of the objective but also the side of the objective if you see or feel some oil has spilled.

When doing live-cell experiments be careful not to spill any medium on the objectives.
If a spill per accident happens (or you suspect it happened) then first clean it a fast as possible with a tissue with some demi water and second with  a tissue with some alcohol. If you do not no what to do ask one of the operators.
Medium and salt water can damage the objective.

We already have a damaged 63x oil objective on the Leica SP8-X SMD System. If you observe that the objective gets stuck in the parking position, you should rotate the top counter clockwise and the objective should spring back in the normal operation position, if this does not work  please contact the operators.

All objective have a spring that prevents them from damage when hitting the coverglass. You should be able to push gently on an objective and the top will go down a few millimeter and spring back automatically. You feel this also when you push to hard while cleaning. If you push it to the end and rotate is will stay down in a so called parking position

Please keep everything clean and prevent damage, objectives are expensive (+10.000 euro) and we need them every day.